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  • History

    Since 1976, MBCI has delivered quality metal roof and wall systems for the architectural, agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets.

  • MBCI History

    Founded by A.R. Ginn in July 1976, MBCI opened its first sales office and manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. MBCI began by manufacturing basic metal building components, such as roofing, siding and light-gauge secondary structural.

    In 1998, MBCI joined with Houston-based NCI Group, Inc and operates under NCI’s components division. Completely self-supporting, with in-house design capabilities for manufacturing equipment and product development, MBCI has maintained a leading position in the metal construction industry. 

    MBCI expanded over the years, offering many new and innovative products along the way. As new technology developed, we also invested heavily in the enhancement of our existing products to ensure we provide the highest quality.

    Developing new panel profiles is not the only innovative quality of MBCI. MBCI worked with our roll former manufacturer to develop the first double-high roll formers and the instantly adjustable purlin manufacturing line we use today. MBCI was also the first in the industry to offer Single Source Weathertightness Warranties, which provide day one responsibility by the manufacturer. These are but a few examples of MBCI's continuing efforts to improve our product offering, manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction. 

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