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  • Components

    In addition to roof and wall products, MBCI offers custom steel trim and metal roof and siding accessories to help support your existing frame. 

  • MBCI Metal Roof & Siding Accessories

    From structural products down to fasteners, MBCI's wide range of metal roofing and wall products would not be complete without our massive selection of components. MBCI carries many different component products, which simultaneously give your building character and support. Commonly used accessories in stock include Cees, Zees, Eave Struts, Light Transmitting Panels and a large assortment of standard and custom trim. MBCI also offers custom accessories to help you complete your project without design limitations. Our goal is to provide you with any desired metal roof or wall panel accessory.

    千亿体育首页MBCI further expands our customized offerings with LiteFrame®, a structural system that allows a designer to select any combination of hat sections, channel sections and sub-girts to create shapes that enhance a design's character. This light gauge structural framing was designed for preformed metal panels and is precision roll-formed in 20-foot lengths.

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